Behaviours/Emotions and Depression

We might not like someone’s behaviour although it should not mean we don’t love them. Often the two get bound together. Why do we keep behaving in the same way? If we can understand repeating negative patterns, we can slowly make changes with the help of the counsellor. We all feel low or depressed at certain times in our lives. This includes children as well as adults. We can learn to understand our behaviours and emotions and the impact that it will have on others. We all deserve to have a quality of life that is good.
There are always underlying issues that affect behavioural and emotional problems, this could be traumas from the past. This is where counselling can help explain some of the root causes and help to put strategies in place to be able to manage them better.

Sometimes play therapy can be a great help to unravel these issues and help parents understand their children better.

We can all have low mood and depression at times: stress; and anxiety play a part in everyday life. Sometimes we feel out of control. Counselling can help!