Relationship Breakdown

We are all so different and sometimes unaware of other peoples’ feelings.  ‘My partner doesn’t understand me’; ‘we don’t talk’; ‘we don’t have fun!’  Sometimes we know we are ‘pushing buttons’.  Sometimes it is on a deeper psychological level.  If two people want to work on their relationship, having counselling can help.  Do we really understand our partner’s needs?  Do we really listen?

Relationships breakdown for numerous reasons.

One partner has an affair – how can trust be rebuilt?  This is something that counselling can help with.

One partner has a new job; they change.  How do we resolve difficult issues that arise?  Counselling helps look at compromises and ways to bring fun into the relationship again.

Communication – lack of good communication can have very adverse affects on relationships.  Again in counselling we look at ways of improving communication.

Issues covered  in counselling

  • Unfaithfulness
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Feeling Unloved
  • Gay/Lesbian Relationships