Fostering and Children

I have vast experience working in social care, education and youth work and have worked with various ages of children/young people in care homes and foster care.  Within schools I worked with adolescents who were not accessing education.  I worked with the young person and their family.  Every person has so much potential; often life events initially lowers confidence and self esteem; with counselling new goals can be achieved.

Growing up in the care system can be very difficult and many suffer from drug and alcohol abuse as well as self harming.  I high proportion of children and young people from the care system end up in trouble which leads to imprisonment or they often become homeless as they are not able to cope when they have to leave foster care in their teens.  These are very difficult issues to deal with and counselling can help to understand the underlying issues and eventually set new goals for both the young person and their family.  School life can also be difficult and I have a lot of experience working in schools.  It is important to be non-judgemental and have a good understanding of the underlying cause of anger and frustration that these young people have.