Adoption Counselling

I qualified as an adoption counsellor in 2008.  I am an adoptive parent myself and understand attachment issues.  All behaviours reflect communication and our children carry so much baggage from their early formative years.  I can help you understand your children’s behaviour/emotions better, and find a way forward.  I work with adoptive parents, adoptees and birth families.

One of the most difficult issues in adoption is attachment.  Children who have been in care before being placed with an adoptive family will find it very difficult to attach as they have often been rejected and let down on many occasions not only by their birth family but by social services.  It takes time and effort to build their trust and we have to learn to separate the child from the behaviour.  They will act out and this is very hard for adoptive parents to deal with.  They have to learn new strategies and boundaries in their parenting.  It is important for Adoptive parents to understand their own attachment issues and look at the way there were parented.  Adopted children and their parents need support and this can be provided by Adoption Counselling.  I have ongoing training on these issues and gain a vast amount of knowledge about the emotions and stresses for all those involved in adoption.

I also work with same sex couples who adopt children and help them through difficult attachment issues and their children’s behaviour problems.

I work with Adoptees and Birth Parents helping them to come to terms with their bereavement and loss.  Often they have buried their emotions and in counselling we gradually work through deep rooted emotions which have an adverse affect on their everyday life.